Making Sure Your Website Links See A Constant Rise in Search Engine Results

In today’s world, arguably everything is one Google Search away. This is where our SEO Experts execute a robust On Page strategy in tandem with Off Page efforts, making sure that your links and keywords enter the Search Engine Results which matter. Hands down, SEO is organically the most comprehensive means to enhance the visibility of brands, products and services alike.

Why SEO? - A Million Dollar Question

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Here’s us unravelling what this SEO bubble is all about and understanding why its needed:

1. Getting Yourself On The Map

Once you’ve come up with your website or app, are you expecting Google to automatically recognize that you exist? If only the online world was this selfless! Well, SEO puts you right where you need to be. It allows search engines vic-leftto index your website, for the world to see in all its glory. This is why a good SEO process needs to be executed sooner rather than later.


  • “Website Indexing makes the search engines aware of your Brand/Products/Services.”
  • “Sitemap Submission helps search engines to rate your website hierarchy quickly.”
  • “Integrating relevant keywords (mapping) with all webpages for positive search results.”

2. Because Everyone’s Doing It

There’s a reason why your competition is investing precious time and money towards a robust SEO strategy. You don’t want to be left behind now, do you? SEO gives you the chance to not only get ahead but capitalize on weak competition, if you tread smartly of course. The vic-lefticing on the cake is the fact that SEO results require basic upkeep, if you keep following the right practices.


  • “It will enhance your brand’s reputation in the eyes of Google.”
  • “Opportunity to keep tabs on your competition and surpass them.”
  • “The fruits of good SEO are largely permanent and don’t require high maintenance."

3. Generation of Targeted Leads

SEO gives you exactly what you want – customers who are looking to acquire your services. Its not all plan sailing however. Your website will have to impress these potential customers whilst distinguishing itself from the comvic-leftpetition. When it comes to attracting relevant traffic boasting a substantially high conversion potential, SEO is second to none.

  • Allows you to reach out to a Targeted Audience
  • Gives a massive boost to your Conversion Rates
  • Hands down, the most cost effective method to Generate Leads

4. Improve Brand Awareness/Visibility

Do you remember the last time you visited Google’s second page to look at results? Me neither! The bottom line is, if you’re not on the first page, no one really cares! However, what’s important to note here is that this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months of rigorous SEO efforts; but once you’re there, it becomes a vital cog for brand awareness and visibility. Appearance of your website links all over search results devic-leftvelops a sense of trust in the customers’ minds, which is all that matters at the end of the day.

  • SEO is a potent Measurable Marketing Regime.
  • Get to know more about your Visitors and where they come from
  • Works in tandem with your Marketing Strategy to give you the best of both worlds

5. Give a Boost to Your Marketing Efforts - helps generate offline sales –

Directly or indirectly, SEO will definitely give your marketing efforts that much needed push when things get going. Whether you sell through an e-commerce store, Facebook Business page or an Offline Retail Store, SEO helps you to reach out to all sets of audiences. How can SEO help generate offline sales? In today’s Internet savvy setup, pre-decision research is no longer a tvic-leftedious task. Whether you have to dine at a restaurant or visit the nearest salon or check shop timings, top search results drive decisions. And how do you make it there? You guessed it! SEO!

  • SEO is a potent Measurable Marketing Regime.
  • Get to know more about your Visitors and where they come from
  • Works in tandem with your Marketing Strategy to give you the best of both worlds

Let Our SEO Experts Do The Dirty Work

Given the ever so competitive nature of the current market, a potent SEO Strategy is a foregone conclusion. We follow White Hat SEO practices right from the get go in accordance with the latest Search Engine updates and protocols.


Whether it is Local SEO or a campaign designed specifically for e-commerce, a step-by-step approach always comes in handy. Here’s how our SEO experts stay on top of their game day in day out:

Website Audit & Evaluation

1. This is the pre-requisite to every SEO campaign, wherein the status quo of the website under consideration is chalked out first at a cellular level. Done via Extensive Screening and Overall Website Review on the lines of Content, Internal/External Links, Optimization and more.

Target Audience Evaluation

2.Knowing ‘who’ is more critical than knowing ‘how’. The intricate knowledge of your Target Audience and the related Demographics is what’ll help us drive your subsequent Social and SEO strategies in the right direction. Done via Reviewing Past Sales, mapping out Future Goals and some Brainstorming (which never hurts).

Market Research

3.Before the dirty work begins, we tend to indulge in comprehensive ‘Window Shopping’ first. Looking at what your competitors are doing, what they’re investing in, how their online strategies are shaping up, their end products, website design, schema of landing pages and so on – the list is endless. This will not only help us tell you what to do but tell you what ‘not’ to do as well, which is just as important. Done via Rigorous Competitive Research and a whole lot of Stalking over coffee.

Web Design & Development

4.The fact that tinkering with your website design and code at a latter stage might cause irreparable damage, is what places this aspect high on the list. We ensure that your website code is as per the current industry standards – light, concise and readable. Also, we make credible suggestions on how your ‘Landing Pages’ should look like. Done via Technical Review and UI Dissection by our proud ‘nerds’.

Extensive Keyword Research & Analysis

5.Proudly sitting at the top of the SEO game, finding the ‘right’ keyword can make or break your business. The right keywords equals targeting the right kind of customers, which is everything an online business is about. This is one sure shot way of garnering consistent traffic organically. Done via Keyword tools, Customer Trends and Smart Thinking.

Segregation & Mapping of Keywords

6. Once the hard part is over, Keywords are segregated in multiple lists based on their priorities. If only a single keyword worked for every page! Keywords are defined in accordance with the overall website, brand, products, categories and as per Local SEO needs. A holistic plan is streamlined for every page, so it gets easier to keep tabs on the progress in rankings. Done via Comprehensive Website Audit, Prioritization of Goals and Target Group Evaluation

On Page SEO Optimization

7.As they say, ‘Charity begins at home’. On page optimization is a much needed housekeeping process which forms the main anchor of your SEO strategy. Before treading on greener pastures and building links, your website needs to be in top shape, to impress the ever-so-stringent search engine crawlers. This forms a concrete base which will allow us to then focus on the many Off-Page techniques. Some of the key avenues which need to be on point include the likes of website content, keyword frequency, optimizing images, fixing URLs, SEO-specific pages and more. Done via Overall Website Review, Meta Submissions, URL Optimization, Image Optimization, Keywords Planning, Content Refinement and whatever energy’s left goes towards Technical amendments.

Content Development

8.Content is one of those SEO relatives who you don’t want to p**s off. It is the fuel which drives your SEO strategy forward. Our articulate and creative wordsmiths will be at your disposal making sure that your brand identity is showcased with élan and a sense of sophistication. Packed with the right amount of keywords and uniqueness alike, content is what’ll help customers relate with your brand right from the offing. Done via an infusion of SEO knowledge with power packed Content at the hands of writers who actually spend time reading novels other than those of Chetan Bhagat.

Social Listening

9.Gossiping for once comes to the rescue! This is a potent Community Building technique wherein we cater to customers on the lines of ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’. Who are your customers talking about online? What products and services are floating their boats? Where are they engaging in conversations in the form of posts, comments, reviews, Q&As, forums, etc. Social listening is not just about listening per se; it is about connecting with your potential customers on a deeper level by taking part in enticing online conversations. Done via Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Query Resolution, Posting on Relevant Websites and Social Media Groups/Pages by our Social Media Addicts.

Off Page SEO/Link Building Strategy

10.Once the On Page efforts are well and truly underway, the onset of Off Page techniques (activities being executed outside your website) is what’ll take your website to the next level. Off Page is all about extensive Link Building and enhancing Brand Reputation in the eyes of search engines. Also, it will help you get a few leads along the way. Sounds better already, doesn’t it? Done via Article Postings, PDF Submissions, Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submissions, Image Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Reviews, Listings and what not!

Implementation Audit

11.This phase is all about checking and re-checking the SEO-related activities that have been executed. A barometer of effectiveness and progress, an implementation audit tells us what’s working and what isn’t. This often helps to uncover any bottlenecks that might’ve slipped out. After all, it is only human to make a few mistakes. Done using Led Zeppelin, Stringent Evaluation and Review (not necessarily in that order).


12.This is the culmination of every SEO process; an astute and holistic report of everything that unfolds as our SEO experts weave their magic. This report includes detailed analyses, Performance Metrics, Before Vs. After Mapping, list of activities and submissions, noteworthy tips and suggestions moving on to future objectives. Done via mysterious record keepers and who leave no stone unturned.